When Tragedy Strikes…

Tragedy eventually finds all of us. It has likely struck someone you know already. When it does, we ask questions: Why? What makes sense? How do we cope? And, This isn’t supposed to happen, is it?

No, it isn’t—but it does. And when you invite Rabbi Richard Agler to your event, congregation, book or discussion group he will offer coherent, thoughtful, and even entertaining responses to these and other questions that we have all asked but about which we all want to know more.

topics include:

Making Sense of Life-Changing Loss | Part I

What are the spiritual issues we confront when we lose a most-loved one, e.g., Why did this happen? How could it have? Where is God in all of this? And more. An introduction to the main themes of The Tragedy Test. (20-30 minutes)

Making Sense of Life-Changing Loss | Part II

A continuation of the themes raised in Part I. Part II is interactive, more fully devoted to Q & A. Never fear, people will participate! (60-90 minutes)

the death of Aaron’s sons | The Torah on comforting the bereaved.

Interactive learning. What the Torah has to teach us about response to tragedy. What are the better—and what are the worse—things we can say? (45-75 minutes)

One Person Can Change the World | The Highest Degree of Charity

Learn what one woman did to reach and rescue lives that might have otherwise been lost to despair and hopelessness. An inspiring example of Maimonides’ highest degree of charity: helping others to help rescue themselves. (60-90 minutes)

One Person Can Change the World | Human trafficking

Human Trafficking is a global scourge, largely perpetrated by organized criminals. It seems like the odds are stacked against the victims, and they are. But there are things we can do to help. Awesome video in this one. (60-90 minutes)

Passover seder at an African girls’ shelter–2019

Freedom from slavery—tell me about it! A multi-media presentation of an experiential model seder at the Talia Agler Girls Shelter in Nairobi, Kenya, the likes of which you have never seen. Guaranteed! (60-75 minutes)

How my daughter’s tragic death saved two women’s lives

Are you a registered organ donor? There is no reason not to be! We’ll show you video reporting from NBC Washington about Talia and two women whose lives were saved by her foresight. (30-45 minutes)

A special program: what vexes clergy of all faiths

How does our worship, formal and informal, connect us and our people to God? How might it be keeping us all away? An honest examination of our theology and its personal, denominational, and institutional ramifications. (60-90 minutes)


Appearances by All-Africa Music Award winning Israeli-Kenyan musician Gilad Millo can also be coordinated through Rabbi Agler. Together they can present a combination of learning, music, and inspiration that your community will not soon forget!


Invite Rabbi Agler

Contact him to discuss the possibilities for presentation at your venue. He can offer a single talk, a series, or serve as Scholar-In-Residence—for people of all faiths. Several of his presentations are multi-media. He is also available to address clergy, ministerial and rabbinical associations, in addition to support groups for those who have endured loss—particularly the loss of children.